IAW email

This email was sent from IAW the other day to selected customers.

The It’s a Wrap! Star Trek Auction has a commitment to make available related material wherever a fair price can be reached and in any fashion that best suits our goals and those of our client. The preferred method of sales has been, and will remain online listings as opposed to direct sales. The company knows that customers and collectors have very specific interests and at any time customers are more than welcome to send the company a wish list by email. Knowing what customers want only helps the auction in its efforts to make items available. Information about the quantity of items available and the frequency of their listing that comes from any source outside the It’s a Wrap! Star Trek Auction should be treated as speculation.

As usual, I never get any of the emails from IAW. My buddy Dana had to send it to me. If Dom had ever listened to me and gotten an auction management system, that wouldn’t be an issue. One of their biggest customers and I don’t even make their email list! Geez.

What this also shows is that IAW does in fact do direct sales. But of course you still have to get their attention, and Colin can only do so much.


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