IAW and Direct Sales

Everyone who knows me, and has been reading this blog or is a member of my forum knows I go out of my way to help other collectors. Well I had a few nasty comments on the blog from someone who wasn’t happy that I did a direct sale deal with IAW. Of course he didn’t bother to sign his name, just went off on a rant how I was cheating him out of the chance to buy the stuff on eBay.

Well, IAW has been doing direct sales deals with people since the earliest days of the auction. If you know what you want, you can contact IAW and ask them if they have it, and Colin usually gets back to you quickly. IAW did a huge direct sale deal with Back Lot Props and even sold Dave, the owner, a Captain Kirk Maroon! Yeah, go figure. Many of my buddies from the forum have gotten stuff direct for their collections. I always encourage people all the time to ask Colin if they have a special want. Plus, IAW is at Vegas every year selling direct. Should we feel bad we get an opportunity to buy stuff that others who don’t go to Vegas have no shot at? Give me a break!

IAW does direct sales. They have made that clear. So some bozo feels I am a bad guy for taking them up on their offer? Get a life (to borrow a phrase).


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