Phaser Update – Resolution all around!

Well, the good news is that Scott, the second buyer of the fake Phaser 1 got his money back from John, the seller, when John was presented with the evidence of the Phaser being a fake. John then went back to the seller who sold it to him, Massimo from Italy, about a refund. Massimo, a member of the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum, to his credit, gave John back his money.

I first spoke several times with Scott, who contacted me after reading my blog and pulling down the Phaser from eBay. I then offered my help to John, the seller, since I knew Massimo,who he bought it from and emailed Massimo to get John his money back. After a couple of emails, Massimo and John worked things out.

I think this goes to show that if people work together, deal with things in a mature manner (something that often doesn’t happen on the Internet), and pick up the phone, you can resolve these issues. It also shows the value of public, open blogs like this, and the need for transparency in the hobby. Jason DeBord and I are always available by phone or email to consul prop buyers and sellers and help them out.


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