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Star Trek Screen Used Sisko Comm Badge

Well, this seller sent me the photo you see here, claiming this is a COA signed by Avery Brooks. I don’t know of any such type of document that Paramount would authorize, but that doesn’t mean it is fake. So if anyone has any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

The Comm badge appears fake. I even got a phone call from prop maker Matt Cervantes, who used to work for HMS, who produced most of these comm badges. Matt said it looked fake to him, and he should know. We discussed the tells, and this badge just looks awful.

The back doesn’t look like any comm badge I have or I have seen, and the depression where the Velcro sits looks totally wrong. Also, the Comm badges are usually not painted on back, and even when there is paint on the back, it isn’t all over based on how they were held when painted.


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