Fake Phaser on eBay…More Movies Galore fraud

Well, the fake Phaser 1 on eBay has resurfaced. This appears to be the same one sold recently and comes with the COA from “Movies Galore”, a suspect memorabilia seller. This isn’t even a good fake, and is gray, while the screen used ones were black.

The COA here is worthless. The company is out of business, and the authenticator isn’t anyone who anyone in the prop hobby seems to know. While most of you would never buy this Phaser, I need to warn you again, that a COA is WORTHLESS from almost every source. In fact, right now the ONLY COA you should value, is one from IAW. Christie’s didn’t give them out, and Profiles in History generally doesn’t, and even if they did, I would find it worthless.

I am ALWAYS suspect of props and you need to approach any prop with the attitude that the seller needs to prove that a prop is real. A COA is never proof. Provenance is key, and carefully researched evidence is needed in the absence of provenance.


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