Quark’s Dabo Table

As part of my work as Star Trek Archivist, I work with CBS determining what items should stay in the CBS collection and what needs to be sold.  Then we decide if those items should be in a Propworx Star Trek auction or if we should sell them directly. 
Quark’s Dabo Table is one of those items we decided to sell directly.  It was big and needed a good home.  And it came with some Quark’s Bar tables and chairs.  So it was only natural that I sell those items to the world’s biggest Ferengi collector, Francis from Arizona.
So Curtis, Jarrod and I delivered those items to Francis as part of our trip to Las Vegas to pick up the rest of the assets from the Star Trek Experience.  And Francis wasted no time taking a photo.  
I couldn’t think of a better home.

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