Introducing…..The Doug Drexler Collection

Earlier this year Doug Drexler, the Academy and Emmy Award winning make-up and special effects person for Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, contacted me as he has an extensive collection of Star Trek props and set pieces that he wanted to sell.

After winning an Academy Award for his amazing make-up work on Dick Tracy, Doug worked on Star Trek from the first year of Star Trek: The Next Generation, till the end of Enterprise. He started as a make up artist on TNG, and after three years moved to the art department, where he stayed for the rest of his Star Trek career. He then started working on Battlestar Galactica as the senior CGI artists and has won two Emmy Awards for his work (along with CGI Supervisor Gary Hutzel and their gang) the last two years.

You can read an interview with Doug here and read about him on Memory Alpha here. You can read a bit of a Star Trek resume on

Doug has an AMAZING collection of Star Trek props, set pieces and graphics. Over 300 pieces in all and something for everyone! So here are the details…

I will start posting photos of the items Doug has. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] Doug and I will start by selling items direct, but may wind up putting the items on eBay if there are too many people interested in a specific item in order to be fair. I think you all know I have a pretty good feel for the market and am a collector myself, so we want to be fair to everyone.

So if you see something you like, email me with an offer or call me to chat.


The first batch of props:

Galaxy Class cardboard sign from “Booby Trap” 15″ x 17″

Amargosa Observatory Sign. Made to appear distressed. Notes Amargosa as a K-7D station.

Ferengi Grand Nagus Cane Head piece.

Rubber Ferengi Pistol

Saurian Brandy Bottle from DS9

Bajoran Wall Emblem 9″ x 16″, resin.

Enterprise Circuit Board Modules

Miniature TNG Enterprise cargo modules.3.5″ x 3.5″

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