The Alec Peters Collection on eBay

 Star Trek Voyager Satan’s Robot from Captain Proton

Well, I say “The Alec Peters Collection” rather tongue in cheek as I always kind of find it humorous when a person’s collection gets named after them.  Unless you actually donate it to a museum, it is just a collection of stuff!  But, people know me and know I collect the good stuff, so I will risk the arrogance of the sound of the title.

As many of you know, I am buying a townhome for my best friend Damaris Degen, and her two AMAZING little boys, who I basically treat as my own.  Damaris is a single mom and I thought what better way to show my love for all of them than to get them a place they can call home forever.  And so I am selling about 40% of my collection so I can pay cash for the place.  Thank God the property market in Florida is soft.  

Here is Damaris and the two boys in the townhome as it is being built.
So now to the brass tacks! 
All items are being out on eBay.  Some are being sold direct, so if you have seen my list, you may make an offer.  The first 10 costumes are up now and end Tuesday night (tomorrow).  The first 10 props are up and end Wednesday.  There are another 10 props going up tonight.  All items are under user name Linnear.


All props & costumes come with either a It’s A Wrap, Profiles or Propworx COA.  Ask me any questions you want.  I note in each auction ad what the provenance of each item is.


Since I don’t close till the first week in April, I am giving all buyers 60 days to pay.  Pay 25% down and 25% every 3 weeks.  All amounts are due by March 31st.

And here are the highlights:


The Breen costume is the best of the lot.  Only 3 complete Breen costumes have been sold.

A complete Klingon Costume.  It has the rare black boots.  Most Klingon costumes come with the boots that were painted brown for Enterprise.

A beautiful TMP Class A costume.  One of the best I have seen.  With boots (unattached)

A TMP Class B costume.

There are more items and you can see them all on eBay here

Tomorrow I will post photos of the props.


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