Enterprise T’Pol Costumes For Sale

Darrin Cowger, one of the good guys in prop collecting, is selling a spectacular set of “Enterprise” T’Pol uniforms.  Their provenance is the It’s A Wrap auctions and so you know this is real.  Here is the description:

Full T’POL (Season 1) spandex uniform (boot cuffs are the only part that are unfinished) and screen used jacket, screen used rank pip, belt and EM-33 Energy pistol holster from Season 1: Episode one:  “Broken Bow.”  Belt has “Jolene” written on the back.  This uniform was originally sold by IAW and is referenced under IAW#5638.  This uniform comes with IAW certificate of authenticity and is in near perfect condition.   There is still “Special Effect Snow” in the pockets of this jacket from where T’Pol is blasted across the shuttlecraft pad (See Attached pics from Trekcore).  This is seriously a very nice costume and displays very well.  $4,950.00. 
If you are interested, contact Darrin directly at [email protected]
The original IAW decsription:
STAR TREK: ENT “T’POL AWAY TEAM JACKET W/ UNFINISHED UNIFORM” A costume featured in “Broken Bow” the pilot episode of Star Trek: Enterprise for wear by Jolene Blalock in her portrayal of “T’Pol”. The costume is a form fitting Vulcan camouflage uniform with an affixed belt, a cold climate Vulcan jacket, a holster and two belts. The uniform is unfinished at the cuffs of the legs though this does not detract from the overall appearance of the costume. The jacket has an unfinished appearance on the inside, though it is complete, with an asymmetrical double front that clasps closed on thread loops, is copper colored and comes with two matching belts made from the same vinyl or PVC material. The pockets of the jacket and the inside folds retain special effects ‘snow’ used during production in scenes taking place on Rigel X. The holster is tough vacuum formed plastic with a military clip affixed to the inside, ‘Jolene’ is penned onto the inside, the holster is painted to match the Vulcan camouflage and is made to fit an EM-33 energy pistol (sold separately).

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