Ricardo Degado Sketches up for Auction

There are 9 fantastic Ricardo Delgado Concept Sketches up for bid in the Live Auctioneers Auction this coming week.

Ricardo Delgado Bio:
Ricardo Delgado is a film and comic book artist. He has worked on acclaimed films such as The Incredibles, Men in Black, and Apollo 13. Delgado is the creator of the Age of Reptiles comic book series, as well as one of the Production Designers of Disney’s Atlantis – The Lost Empire. In early 2000 he published the four issue sci-fi series “Hieroglyph”. 
He worked as an illustrator for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s first season. It was his idea to place a baseball card on Captain Sisko’s desk in the series as a decorative item, leading to the creation of the Buck Bokai character. Delgado was heavily involved in designing the station and its interiors such as ops and the promenade. The starships he designed include the Miradorn starship that was seen in DS9: “Vortex”. He also worked as an illustrator on Star Trek: First Contact.
You can bid on the items here:

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