My Direct Sale Order from IAW Arrives

When I was home in Atlanta about two weeks ago, just before the Vegas Con, I received my pretty large direct sale order form IAW. I had been working on this for months with Colin and Dom. I had a few very specific pieces I had wanted for some time. Colin bulldogged this for me for months and at the March Burbank Grand Slam Con, he brought the items so I could check them out. It was kind of like a drug deal, with my English buddy Willie Bath and dealer Ken Friedman and I checking out our items from the hatchback of Colin’s car in the Marriot’s parking lot.

Dom also agreed to sell me the last Captain costume I needed, Captain Archer’s jumpsuit from “These Are the Voyages”. It is the last regular jumpsuit he wears from the final episode of Enterprise, and has the signature double patch and epaulets on the shoulders. It came with rank pips and boots! This was a great costume, because each of my Captain’s costumes is something special. My Kirk is from the Motion Picture, and acomplete jumpsuit with integral boots. My Picard is the one he wears in Generations on Veridian III when Kirk dies, my Sisko is a standard Black and Gray, but I love that style as many of you know! And my Janeway is her Admiral costume from “Nemesis”. SO this Archer fits right in.

I also got my Nog Holy Grail. Yeah I have a Holy Grail for my World Class Nog collection 🙂 I already own Nog’s caset, his black and gray officer costume and his very rare dress uniform from Worf and Jadzia’s wedding scene in “You are Cordially Invited”. So the one Nog costume I didn’t have was when Nog is Captain of the Defiant in the future in the AWESOME DS9 episode “The Visitor”. This is the future style Starfleet costume we see in TNG’s final episode “All Good Things” and Voyager’s final episode “End Game”. Colin dug this out after he initially didn’t think he had it. (I had been asking for about a year!). I am really fired up about this one as it not only completes my Nog collection, but I have a nice selection of this style, including Bashir’s blue version from “The Visitor”, Miral Paris and Janeway from “Endgame” and some background versions. Fair enough to say I like this style!

I also got the two Phaser Rifle’s I really needed for my collection. The first is the “First Contact” style EVA Rifle which I have been after for almost a year. Dom finally cut me a great deal and so this hero version now sits with my other Phaser Rifles. It is a beauty and really worth the price I paid. Colin also hooked me up with a Great Type 3b, which was the standard Phaser Rifle from First Contact and Insurrection. I had a rubber stunt version I sold to a friend last year and Colin REALLy hooked me up (Thanks Colin!). Mine is a hero version that lights up all over.

I also got an Enterprise Starfleet Plasma Rifle. Now I only need a DS9 Type 3 Phaser Rifle and I have the entire Starfleet Rifle collection (with the exception of a TOS Rifle, which I will have to settle for a replica of!).

Finally, my buddy Willie Bath helped dig out a couple of Klingon Phaser Rifles from Colin’s vaults! I had been after this forever and Willie got Colin to find not one, but two! I got one that didn’t have the front section, but Willie is going to let me borrow his to have copies made to complete mine. I am really fired up about this VERY rare item!

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