A nice little surprise

The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum is simply the best Star Trek forum out there. No immature rants, no flame wars, just mature and intelligent discussion of the props & costumes from the show we all love so much. My interactions with forum members go outside of the forum. Many of us talk on the phone regularly, we meet up at conventions, and generally hang out and support each other whenever we can.

Carolan, one of the forum’s more prolific posters, recently sent me a nice little present. Knowing I am a huge fan of Kor, the first Klingon we ever saw in TOS’s “Errand of Marcy” and played so well by John Colicos, Carolan found this great Kor toy and sent it to me. That’s the kind of cool gesture we have all come to expect from one another on the forum.

THANKS Carolan!

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