Bill Krause led the previous restoration team, and here is his review of the story after the Galileo left California in 1991: In the summer of 1991 a private owner from Akron, Ohio had purchased and shipped the prop from the desert storage lot in Palm Springs to an aircraft hanger in Akron via a [...]

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The Shuttlecraft Galileo – Part II

The Shuttlecraft Galileo - Part II By Steve Thomas The final design of the Shuttlecraft shows a sleek craft that does not allow occupants the headroom to stand up fully (unless you’re under 5-1/2 feet tall). This was intentional as the shuttle was intended to be a compact vehicle, kind of like a mini-van. However, [...]

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The Shuttlecraft Galileo – Part I

The Shuttlecraft Galileo By Steve Thomas September 8, 1966…or “Stardate: 6609.8” if you will. A date that marks the television premiere of what would become an American icon in science fiction: “Star Trek”. So much of what came from that show is such a part of our society and of our planet, that’s it’s hard [...]

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