Bill Krause led the previous restoration team, and here is his review of the story after the Galileo left California in 1991: In the summer of 1991 a private owner from Akron, Ohio had purchased and shipped the prop from the desert storage lot in Palm Springs to an aircraft hanger in Akron via a [...]

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The Shuttlecraft Galileo – Part II

The Shuttlecraft Galileo - Part II By Steve Thomas The final design of the Shuttlecraft shows a sleek craft that does not allow occupants the headroom to stand up fully (unless you’re under 5-1/2 feet tall). This was intentional as the shuttle was intended to be a compact vehicle, kind of like a mini-van. However, [...]

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The Shuttlecraft Galileo – Part I

The Shuttlecraft Galileo By Steve Thomas September 8, 1966…or “Stardate: 6609.8” if you will. A date that marks the television premiere of what would become an American icon in science fiction: “Star Trek”. So much of what came from that show is such a part of our society and of our planet, that’s it’s hard [...]

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Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Be Tony Stark?

Is a question we ask a lot around here at Propworx. While going through all the Stark wardrobe we kind of figured it out, one word….Awesome! We are proud to offer Tony Stark’s hero wardrobe from Iron Man 2. Production went all out on these items. Every suit is hand made and tailored, with detail [...]

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Iron Man 2 RT’s Galore!!!

Propworx is proud to announce that we will be offering hero RT units form Iron Man 2 in our upcoming Marvel auction! One of coolest things about Iron Man is his Arc Reactor technology, or RT for short. We auctioned off his two hero RT’s from the first movie last year in our Iron Man [...]

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The Incredible Hulk Props Galore!!!

Propworx is proud to offer specific items from The Incredible Hulk in our upcoming Iron Man 2 Auction. Up for auction on Oct.22nd 2011, we will be offering items like Bruce Banner’s  hero USB drives, hero Stanley’s Pizza Parlor pizza bags and receipts, military commando goggles, dog tags and personals, as well as a large [...]

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Screen Used Props from The Incredible Hulk!

Propworx is proud to announce that we will be offering screen used wardrobe, props and set decoration from The Incredible Hulk! Along with our Iron Man 2 auction, we will be offering special items form this fantastic movie, including hero wardrobe from Bruce Banner, Betty Ross, and General “Thunderbolt” Ross, as well as such props [...]

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