LOT 19 – SGC Stargate Segment with Earth Glyph

LOT 19 – SGC Stargate Segment with Earth Glyph

Propworx is very proud to be offering the signature set piece from Stargate SG-1, the Stargate segment containing the Earth Glyph!

The Stargates were an engineering marvel. The SGC and Atlantis Stargates were built in nine sections and then pieced together on set. If you look closely at the Chevron areas of the Gates you can see where these sections come apart right in the middle of each Chevron.  Four of the SGC Stargate lots we are offering in our auction include the parts making up the outer shell of a complete segment.

Lot 19 is extremely special. Included in this lot is the section of the rotating Glyph track containing the Earth symbol. The Earth symbol is extremely significant and is the seventh Glyph entered when dialing any Stargate address from Earth, the importance of which was discovered by Dr. Daniel Jackson in the Stargate feature film. The symbol itself was also worn as a patch on the uniforms of SGC personnel to identify their planet of origin on off world missions.

We are very pleased to have the chance to offer this incredible piece of Stargate SG-1 history to fans on October 1st, 2011 during the third and final Stargate Live Auction.
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