Propworx is proud to present our upcoming Iron Man 2 Auction!

This auction will take place LIVE at New York Comic Con on Oct 16th , as well as online at starting at 10am PST. So if your at NYCC 2011 (Oct. 13-16) feel free to stop by and check out a display of props before the big auction.

The Iron Man 2 auction will consist of over 150 items, including hero props, costume and set decoration. Some highlighted items to look forward to are a full sized Hammer drone, Hero Whiplash costume, and Hero autopsy Mark II armor, as well as a variety of other items like the Hero Black Widow and Stark Racing outfits, as well as various Hero Arc Reactors and racing helmets.

Along with Iron Man 2, we will also be auctioning off over 100 props, wardrobe, set dec. and artwork from The Incredible Hulk! Including Hero wardrobe from Bruce Banner, Hero military accessories including a custom made hero rocket launcher, and life sized…and larger full sized Hulk heads. So after Iron Man 2 is over, you can get a chance at picking up that Hulk item, because you have to have one item from your favorite Avenger!!!

So stay tuned to for up to date info on this special auction, informative blogs and video blogs featuring new items every week.

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