Iron Man Auction live online this Sunday April 25th at 6pm PST!

Part II of the Propworx/Iron Man prop and costume auction will be held online Sunday, April 25th at 6pm PST on  Please be sure to register with before the auction to ensure that you are able to bid on your favorite Iron Man movie prop and costumes.

Please review our tutorial on HOW TO BID using the online system and if you have an iPhone be sure to download and use the iPhone app!

Not sure what is up for bit? Well here is a small glimpse at what is up for auction!

LOT 172: Tony Stark’s Dusty Pinstripe Suit

The pin-stripe suit Tony Stark wears when he and the military audience get covered in dust from the Jericho missile test firing. Production noted this hero outfit was worn by Robert Downey Jr. A navy blue with light blue pin-stripe suit and matching pants, ice blue button-down shirt, navy blue with light blue floral silk tie, black leather belt size 34, and blue and purple socks.

Lot 179: Tony Stark’s Laid Back Outfit 

The leather jacket and pants Tony Stark wears when visiting his friend Rhodey at the Edwards AFB. Production noted this hero outfit was worn by Robert Downey Jr. A black leather jacket with zip front and narrow pleating on back sides in size small. Includes “Levi’s – Skinner” brand blue jeans, medium wash size 33/32.

 Lot 195: Obadiah Stane’s Disney Hall Suit  

 The tuxedo Obadiah Stane wears at the Disney Hall, when he informs Tony Stark that it was him who placed the injunction against Stark, thereby relieving him as head of Stark Industries. Production noted this hero outfit was worn by Jeff Bridges. A white tuxedo shirt size 16.5-36, black satin bow tie, cream fringe ends silk scarf, black velvet jacket, black suspenders, black wool tuxedo pants, gold with black and pearl studs and cuff links, silver “S” engraved lapel pin, black socks, and black velvet slippers.

Lot 200: Pepper Potts’ Gala Dress

The cocktail dress Pepper Potts wears when attending the gala at the Disney Hall, where she first dances with Tony Stark, who attends out-of-the-blue, and surprises her. Production noted this hero outfit was worn by Gwyneth Paltrow. A production-made blue silk charmuese vee-neck open-back fishtail train cocktail dress (no sizing available), black satin strappy high heel sandals size 8.5 and a large yellow diamond encrusted silver cocktail ring.

Lot 216: Stan Lee’s Outfit 

The outfit Stan Lee wears when surrounded by a bevy of beauties. Tony Stark mistakes him for Hugh Hefner when passing by him before hitting the red carpet of the Disney Hall. Production noted this hero outfit was worn by Stan Lee. A maroon velvet with quilted black collar smoking jacket size large, black tuxedo pants size 36/32, white pleated front tuxedo shirt size 15.5/32, black dress socks, navy blue with gold oval design ascot, black suspenders, mother of pearl and silver studs and cuff links, and black patent leather dress shoes.

 The rest of the catalog can be viewed HERE.

Be sure to catch all these and more at the Propworx auction this Saturday April 25th at 6pm PST at!


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