Auctions Ending Tonight!

This is your last chance to bid on items from Battlestar Galactica props & costumes from Propworx on eBay for over a month!  As the auctions say “33″ refers to how long it will be before the second of four monthly eBay auctions, which will start 33 days from now.  Watch for our “33″ countdown clock on our home page.  You certainly don’t want to have to spend the next 33 days wishing you had won that coveted prop or costume, so check out this week’s auctions.

Some great bargains that are going WAY low!

Kai’s Caprica Buccaneers Jacket – Sure its got blood, but it has fake TV blood!

The Boy Outfit – He is a cut kid for Gods’ sake!  Don’t make him feel like you don’t like him as Cavil did.  You know how that ended!

Wheeler’s Caprica Buccaneers outfit –  Another distressed C-Buc costume!  Don’t let the resistance die in vain!

Galactica Metal Chair –  Even the chairs have cut corners!  These have gone as high as $ 400, so this is going to be a steal!

Mandala Ruins Images from “Rapture” –  Mandala recon photos have always done well, and these are on the low side now, so you might get a great deal.  And they are cool, and easily displayed.

Aurora Chair and Side Table –  These were the same chairs used on Colonial One, but this one is kitted out as a chair from the “Aurora” as seen in “The Plan”.  Comes with a Colonial One/Aurora side table. 

And finally, one of my favs…..

BSG CIC Computer Display Covering –  A great piece that will look awesome on your wall with a monitor behind it.




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