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Propworx is on a mission to bring famous movie and television props to the public via professionally planned auction events. Our curators have an eye for detail and are very knowledgeable about every prop, artifact, document, or other items we make available to prospecting bidders. Over the past several years we’ve been providing our services for several well known franchises and entities including Stargate, Star Trek, Kevin Smith, Battlestar Galactica, Iron Man, and more.

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Ever wanted that rifle, sword, pendant, amulet, shield, suit of armor, or something else that your favorite character wore in your favorite movie or tv show? Now’s your chance! Propworx specializes in providing props for auction available to people just like you.

Pure Authenticity

Our staff have several combined years of experience working with top billed organizations, franchises, and production companies to retrieve, curate, catalog, and preserve the smallest and largest pieces of film and television memorabilia and props.

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